The Pasifika Ambassadors’ application is now open! Apply before September 6th to be a part of this exciting new internship with the Pacific Islands Studies Initiative.

The Pasifika Ambassadors Program provides undergraduate students, who have interests or commitment to the Pacific Islander community and PI studies, the unique opportunity to learn from and with Pacific Islands Studies Initiative professors, staff, and community leaders. Through professional development workshops and hands-on experience, Pasifika Ambassadors will increase their practical knowledge and skills that will enhance their academic and social experiences, learn more about the needs of the PI community in Utah and identify tactics to meet those needs, develop and improve leadership skills, and expand each of their professional and personal networks.

Pasifika Ambassadors are involved in several on- and off-campus recruitment activities co-hosted or sponsored by the PI Studies Initiative. All Pasifika Ambassadors will meet for a weekly seminar led by the PI Studies Initiative Bridge Program Director. Other duties include, but are not limited to, the following: staff various community events and outreach activities; assist with marketing and promoting the U and PI Studies; work on projects designed to help advance the goals of the PI Initiative with designated PI Studies Initiative professors, staff, and community leaders.

The Pasifika Ambassador cohort selection process will involve an application and interview conducted each year. Pasifika Ambassador cohorts must commit to serving as an ambassador for a full academic year. will be selected in late August and will serve until the Spring Semester’s last day of classes. It will require a commitment of up to ten hours per week, including some evening and weekend hours assisting with community events.