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How do I enroll in the Disability Studies Minor?

Students who want to enroll in the minor should run a degree audit for the minor. This will help students identify the courses you want to take or have already taken that count toward the minor. Disability Studies Minor will be an open enrollment program; students may designate a Disability Studies Minor at any time during the year.



Can I get approval for a course that is not on the published Disability Studies Electives Course List?

Students may petition the Disability Studies Advisory Committee for approval of a course not on the list. Students will need to submit the course syllabus with their petitions. They will be encouraged to do so at the beginning of the course, but they may do so at any time afterwards with the understanding that the petition may not be approved.

Is there a Graduate Certificate in Disability Studies?

There is currently no Graduate Certificate for Disability Studies; however, we hope to activate this certificate in the near future. Please respond to a short survey if you would be interested in taking the certificate. There is, however, a graduate section of one of the two required courses for the disability studies undergraduate minor. Interested graduate students may enroll in GNDR 6880/DISAB 6880 Bad Bodies: Gender and Disability when offered.