Preparing for college is difficult, and college finances can be the most difficult for which to plan. Most students rely on a carefully-balanced combination of scholarships, grants, loans and personal savings to meet their college tuition costs. Unfortunately, no amount of planning can foresee every contingency, and there are times when a student’s financial circumstances can suddenly change. A major illness, the loss of a job, or a family tragedy can all derail a student’s college career. Not only emotionally, but financially.

When financial circumstances take a turn for the worse, many students feel they are left with only one option: leaving school and abandoning their dreams of a college education. We at the School for Cultural and Social Transformation, through our emergency fund initiative, want to be able to provide our students with the ability to work through unexpected circumstances.

Please give to the School for Cultural and Social Transformation to maximize resources for creating a network that will strengthen partnerships with various student services across campus. These funds will help students navigate long-term financial goals.

Who can access these funds? Students that are majoring or minoring in the School for Cultural and Social Transformation. A student’s eligibility for emergency support will be based upon situations such as these:

• A sudden health emergency
• Unexpected loss of income
• Death in the family, or other family emergency
• Risk of eviction
• Natural disaster

Emergency aid will be available only in extreme circumstances and students will be expected to meet stringent criteria in order to qualify. Typically, applicants must be full-time students, in academic good-standing. Students applying for emergency aid will also be required to provide adequate documentation of the crisis leading to their need for emergency funds.
Students considering emergency financial aid should understand that these funds offer limited help. They are only a stop-gap in a crisis, not a secondary form of college funding.

We are so pleased to offer this aid and grateful to those who support these funds.

There are currently two ways to contribute:

Method 1: Online Gift or Payroll Deduction

Does your employer have a matching gift program?

Please check with your employer to see if your gift could qualify to receive a matching gift and make your donation go even further!

Method 2: Mail-in Check
Please make checks payable to The Office for Equity and Diversity.

The Office for Equity and Diversity
Attention: Feleti Matagi
The University of Utah
201 South Presidents Circle, Room 120
Salt Lake City, UT 84112