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Intersectionality Here & Now

Join us for an engaging webinar with speakers who will take up these questions and provoke our thinking on the here and now of intersectionality.

Women’s Week

Women’s Week is an annual, weeklong event focused on gendered issues and challenges faced in today’s socioeconomic and political climate, intersectionality, and cultural movements. Women’s Week is planned by a volunteer committee of students, faculty, trainees, and staff collaborating across the university. All are welcome to get involved and participate!

Day of Collective Action

This Day of Collective Action is a campus-wide moment of reflection and action designed to propel our collective goal to create an inclusive community forward. On this day, we ask students, faculty and staff to participate in workshops and other activities that will address racism, bias and discrimination. Specifically, we want to address the harm members of the Black community experience, which have been amplified in recent weeks.

Friday Forum: EDI and Professional Development

Friday Forums is a commitment to the state and region in elevating national conversations and showcasing models of disrupting complicit racism. Each session welcomes national thought leaders to lead discussions and provide opportunities for participants to share ideas on actionable items towards a diverse, equitable, and inclusive campus.