Provide outreach to the community about the cause, impact and prevention of sexual violence.


Internship Summary

Increase knowledge and access of sexual assault services to all communities by outreaching to communities to create awareness of prevention, services, treatment, recovery and trauma. Within the second semester a special project will be proposed and implemented based on intern interest. This internship requires a person who is task-oriented, has excellent verbal and written communication skills and enjoys working with a diverse staff and volunteer team. Strong communication skills preferred.

Reports to:

The Outreach Intern shall report to the Outreach Coordinator. All Outreach Intern activities shall observe the Rape Recovery Center employee personnel policies and practices.

Internship Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Represent the Rape Recovery Center with a professional image and manner. Show confidence in knowledge base, people skills, and competency.
  2. Attend staff meeting twice a month, held on Tuesday at 12:00 pm. of each week.
  3. Provide crisis intervention to callers on the crisis hotline during business hours.
  4. Distribute information about services at outreach and tabling events and social media while ensuring uniform content and standardization based on RRC branding.
  5. Facilitate monthly Open House as scheduled.
  6. Facilitate workshops as requested focusing on services available to the community.
  7. Create a special project to be started within second semester (Spring) of internship. Past projects have included; a research project on sexual violence in a marginalized community, the creation of a social media campaign, an event for Sexual Assault Awareness Month, tracking and supporting policy initiatives during the Utah State Legislature.
  8. Meet weekly with Outreach Coordinator for supervision.
  9. Ensure adherence to all contract goals and objectives detailed in grants.
  10. Meet bi-annually with RRC staff and Transformation staff for formal performance evaluation and goal setting.
  11. Submit notes by monthly review dates.