SLCSE Queer Studies in Advisory Internship for 2021-2022 Academic Year

In this internship you’ll have the opportunity to work with Kim Hackford-Peer as well as students, teachers, and administrators at the Salt Lake Center for Science Education. Gender Studies and SLCSE have a partnership in which Gender Studies students and faculty (Kim Hackford-Peer) plan and facilitate queer curriculum during the hour-long Advisory class students have each Friday morning. The class is technically for 9-12th graders, but 8th graders have opted into it as well. All students in the class opt-in so they are there because they want to be. And it’s an advisory class – so no homework! The time of the class is 10:00 – 11:00 a.m on Friday mornings.


You and Kim will sit down and talk about your skills, goals, and desires regarding this internship and design a plan that works for both of you and SLCSE. It is a school that is innovative and open to lots of creative ideas, so we have some freedom to design really cool things with them!

To apply, please send your current resume as well as a letter of interest to