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We want you!

Are you wanting to learn more about the Pacific Islander community and further your education at the University of Utah? Whether you are a transfer student or a recent high school graduate, we want YOU to find a home at the U. This year’s Summer Institute will be held June 7 – 11, 2021.


Who We Are

The Pasifika Scholars Institute is a five-day intensive program aimed at preparing students interested in Pacific Islands Studies and higher education, culture- and community-based leadership and learning. Our institute includes workshops with Empowering Pacific Islander Community’s Pacific Islander Leaders of Tomorrow instructors, Pacific Islander Professors at the U, Pacific Islander Community Leaders and much more. Our hope is that you will enter with a desire to learn more about Pacific Islanders and leave with a better understanding of who you are and how you can serve the Pacific Islander community through higher education.

What You’ll Learn

Pacific Islands Studies
Leadership Development
Admission to the University of Utah
Majors and Minors
FAFSA courses
Essay Workshops
Graduate School Opportunities
Research and Internships
Network with Pacific Islander faculty and staff
Pacific Islander Student Association (PISA) Introduction
Meet with Community Leaders
Student Support Services


Kehau Folau

Interim Bridge Program Faculty Advisor