What is the Transform Dolores Huerta Scholarship?

The Transform Dolores Huerta Scholarship for Social Justice Community Engagement provides a platform for students to gain experience and access to mentors for a new way of thinking about and applying the information gained in the classroom. This scholarship also supports students as they participate in community-engaged social justice work via an internship within the School for Cultural and Social Transformation (Transform) or a project of their own design.

Why donate to the Transform Dolores Huerta Scholarship?

Through internships and community-engaged learning, we assist our students in putting their intellectual excitement to work with trusted community organizations. We place high value on community-engaged learning that enables students to gain lived experience, develop mentorship networks, and build new ways of applying knowledge gleaned in the classroom.
Your contribution will help us establish a scholarship that will facilitate our own student-leaders’ efforts to put ideas from the classroom into forceful motion to change the world.