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What Can Career Coaching Do for You?

Your professional career coach meets with you one-to-one to ensure you get personalized recommendations that help you focus your career visions and achieve your professional goals. Coaches can guide you in exploring internship and career opportunities, writing strong resumes and building connections with organizations in nonprofits, education, human relations, public policy, and more.

Career coaches provide:

  • Latest information about openings for jobs and internships
  • Up-to-date information on companies you’d love to work for
  • Resume reviews to target your skills and interests
  • Strategies to make your application stand out
  • The chance to be recommended to hiring managers
  • The inside track on career marketplace trends
  • Practice in-person and video interviewing
  • Tips on negotiating that all-important entry-level offer
  • Advice that aligns with your short-and-long-term goals

Meet Your Career Coaches

Jennifer Meuse

Career Coach

she, her, hers

Jennifer’s passion is helping others (and herself!) reframe change, uncertainty, and unexpected events into positive mindsets and experiences. She welcomes students to meet and discuss their next career steps and forge a path to their own next life adventure.

Jennifer started her career as an English teacher in Houston, Texas. After several years, she made a huge move to Portland, Oregon. After a few months of uncertainty, she attended pastry school. At first, Jennifer was nervous and unsure of that career move, but she discovered a great love of cake decorating that brings so much joy to her life still today.

  • In Jennifer’s free time, she is usually creating something or watching scary movies. She loves painting portraits of horror villains, decorating cakes in fantastical themes (usually including tiny little buttercream toadstools), and embroidering flowers on everything. If she is not at home, she is out looking for a bargain at a thrift store or estate sale. Jennifer’s favorite find to-date is a talking Pee-wee Herman doll!

    Alma mater: University of Texas

    Favorite Song: “Halloween Movie Theme Song” – John Carpenter

    Favorite Movie: “The ‘Burbs” and “Clue”

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Sara K. Scott

Career Coach

they, them, she, her

Sara is a certified trainer in motivational interviewing and case planning. They are passionate about inspiring others to pursue their dreams. Their objective is to meet with students to discuss career paths and to pave a way towards personal and professional goals. When working together, Sara can focus on resume writing, developing your online brand, interview preparation, and building confidence.

Sara began their Juvenile Corrections career working at the Detention Center then moved to Court Probation, Counselor in a residential program, and ultimately realizing they were ready for something more. They have a Masters in Management and Leadership, where they focused their capstone on return on investment for employer/employee, and growth of leadership for employees.

  • Sara has an eclectic taste in music which allows them to enjoy tunes from hard core rock, country, R&B, pop, heartfelt love songs, and most in between. They gravitate towards a wide range of outdoor activities from hiking, sports, fishing, exploring, hammocking, taking their pup Bailey to the park, and enjoying the spring time rain. When Sara needs to relax, they dive head first into video games or coloring.

    Alma maters: Western Governors University and Utah Valley University

    Favorite Song: “Rebel Yell” – Billy Idol

    Favorite Movie: “A League of Their Own”

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