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Division of

Gender Studies


We Are

The University of Utah Division of Gender Studies offers a space for the study of the interactions of gender with race, class, sexual orientation, and nationality; curricula that address men’s lives, masculinity, and the lives of people who identify as a part of the LGBTQ+ community; and a wide range of feminist thought and practices.



Students who major in Gender Studies can choose to pursue either a BS or a BA, or an Honors BS or BA. The major consists of 30 credit hours.


Students who minor in Gender Studies will complete a total of 21 credit hours of coursework.

Graduate Certificate

Students pursuing the Gradate Certificate in Gender Studies will complete a total of 15 credit hours.

One of our advisors would love to meet with you to discuss your educational options!

Activism & Engagement

Put your classroom learning to work in the community!


A Journal of Women's Studies

This journal is one of the premier publications in the field of feminist/gender studies, and it moved to the School for Cultural and Social Transformation in August 2017