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Gender Studies is an interdisciplinary field that focuses on interactions of gender with socio-cultural, economic and political phenomenon including but not limited to race, class, sexual orientation, (dis)ability and nationality; curricula that address men’s lives, masculinity and the lives of people who identify as a part of the LGBTQ+ community; and a wide range of feminist thought and practices.

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Put your classroom learning to work in the community through coursework, student groups and internships.

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Frontiers: A Journal of Women’s Studies

Frontiers is one of the premier publications in the field of feminist/gender studies, and its University of Utah editorial team is housed in Transform!

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Gender Studies offers a space for the study of a wide range of feminist thought and practices: theory and community-engaged learning; activism and professional development; lively debate and professional skill building.

Graduates work in various fields, including human services, law, social work, non-profit organizations, private business, the arts, health professions, and education. Those who pursue graduate degrees study in many disciplines, including English, Political Science, Social Work, Medicine, Sociology, Educational Administration, Law, Fine Arts, Anthropology, and Communication. Pursue your passions!

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Humans of the U: Lynn Deboeck

“Students are my favorite part of the work I do. No matter what course I teach, whether it’s gender studies or theatre or my honors course, I know the students are going to bring amazing ideas into the classroom. I don’t think people give undergraduate students enough credit for their thirst for knowledge.”

Alt-profit corporations and gendered labor

Dr. Debjani Chakravarty will present a transnational feminist analysis of compassionate consumption ideologies pushed by alt-profit corporations, a term she coined. This late capitalist strategy empowers alt-profit organizations to McDonaldize their marketing strategies in order to capitalize on consumer interests for sustainability, fair trade, “women’s empowerment,” and a desire to consume artisanal goods.

Humans of the U: Erin Graham

“Whether in the classroom or outside of the classroom, allowing students to share ideas, to listen and learn from each other, and to create a collaborative community helps learning advance.”

Humans of the U: Jaimie D. Crumley

“Learning about these concepts really changed my perspective, not only as a burgeoning intellectual on my way to divinity school but also as a human. It made me feel like I was represented in a religious tradition that I’d always been part of. I had never understood that there were other people who looked like […]

“My degree in gender studies is a tool in my skillset that I look forward to using in working towards my goals of having a positive impact on the world around me. I advise incoming and future students to take advantage of as many resources as possible! I’ll never forget the ways that my professors have shaped my identity and worldview throughout the years.
Mars Jacobsen, Class of 2021