Ethnic Studies

Ethnic Studies is a scholarly-academic program that studies traditional forms of history and culture from the perspective of people who are underrepresented, while considering the role that race and racism play in today’s world.


For questions, contact:

Dr. Elizabeth Archuleta
Ethnic Studies Academic Program Manager and Advisor


The Ethnic Studies major explores differences in power as expressed by the state, civil society, and individuals, challenging social constructions of race, ethnicity, nationality, sexuality and gender.

Ethnic Studies, B.A.
Ethnic Studies, B.S.


Ethnic Studies offers 5 unique minors in African American, American Indian, Asian Pacific American, and Chicana/o Studies that allow for a more concentrated focus on a specific racialized population in the United States through the lens of history & politics, contemporary issues, literature, and gender & ethnicity. Like the major, the Ethnic Studies minor takes a broader view across the intersection of race & gender, contemporary issues, and your choice of several electives.

African American Studies Minor
American Indian Studies Minor
Asian Pacific American Studies Minor
Chicana/o Studies Minor
Ethnic Studies Minor


Courses are available to all students pursing any major. For questions, contact:

Dr. Elizabeth Archuleta
Ethnic Studies Academic Program Manager and Advisor

ETHNC 3100: US Third World Feminisms

US Third World Feminisms examines questions about knowledge production, sexual politics, spiritual activism, the mind-body-spirit connection, sexuality, and representation.

ETHNC 3420: American Racism

American Racism attempts to define, describe, and identify examples of racism existing in the United States and how it has evolved and manifested over time.

ETHNC 3590: Pacific Islander Health Disparities

Pacific Islander Health Disparities examines Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander health issues as viewed through indigenous and western worldviews.


Ed A Munoz

Director, Ethnic Studies

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Assistant Professor

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Dolores Calderon

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Donna Deyhle


Edmund Fong

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Annie Fukushima

Assistant Professor

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Associate Professor

Karen Johnson

Associate Professor

Baodong Liu


Philip Notarianni


Wilfred Samuels


David Sanbonmatsu


William A. Smith

Associate Professor

Armando Solorzano

Associate Professor

Paul White

Associate Professor

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Emeritus Professor/Lecturer

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Emeritus Professor

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Emeritus Professor/Lecturer

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