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Disability Studies


This Program

Disability Studies is an interdisciplinary field that explores social, political, cultural, and economic factors that shape disability; considers the ways disability is understood and constructed across different historical moments, cultures, and nations; examines the intersectional relationships amongst disability, race, ethnicity, class, gender, and sexuality; and foregrounds the experiences and perspectives of disabled activists, scholars, artists, and thinkers.



The Disability Studies minor provides an interdisciplinary learning experience about key disability issues including accessibility, design, inclusion, assistive technologies, political and social history, cultural diversity, civil rights, social justice, and bio-ethics. while also attuning them to varied ways of thinking, communicating, and moving through the world.

Graduate Certificate

There is currently no Graduate Certificate for Disability Studies; however, we hope to activate this certificate in the near future. Please let us know through a short survey if you would be interested in taking the certificate.

Disability Studies Initiative

The Disability Studies Initiative at the University of Utah oversees the undergraduate Disability Studies minor and facilitates connections between campus faculty and staff who study or teach disability.


For questions about Disability Studies, please contact

Dr. Angela M. Smith
Disability Studies