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The School for Cultural and Social Transformation currently offers two scholarships for students pursuing a Transform degree.

  • Award amount: Up to $4,000

    Application deadline: December 1, 2023

    With the money she received from the university’s Rosenblatt Prize, former Dean Kathryn Bond Stockton established the Marilyn and Edward Stockton Endowed Scholarship in the College of Humanities in 2013. Named in honor of her parents, the funds support the needs of students passionately studying the dynamic intersections of race, sexuality, gender, (dis)ability, religion and class. The scholarship has now moved from the College of Humanities to Transform and is the school’s fi­rst endowed scholarship.

    The Stockton Scholarship is open to students who are pursuing a degree within Transform. Priority will be given to support high-achieving, first-generation students. Special consideration will be given to students who are pursuing a double major or a minor within the College of Humanities.

    Applications typically open in December. Apply here: Stockton Scholarship.

  • Award amount: Up to $3,000

    Applications typically open in December.

    Dolores Huerta is known for her involvement and leadership with the United Farm Workers (UFW) during the 1960s and 1970s. While the UFW was a major part of Huerta’s life work, she has also founded or led other community service organizations that address matters of racial segregation; police brutality; working conditions and socioeconomic conditions of farm-working families; and women’s representation in government, among other issues.

    Because of her outstanding activist work, Huerta was featured as the University of Utah’s 2008 Women’s Week keynote speaker. At that time, Dolores Huerta donated her honorarium to the department of Gender Studies for the creation of a scholarship. Transform has expanded the scholarship to reach all students majoring in Ethnic Studies and/or Gender Studies. This scholarship will facilitate our own student-leaders’ efforts to put ideas from the classroom into forceful motion to change the world.

    The Transform Dolores Huerta Scholarship specifically will provide financial assistance to undergraduate students who are participating in community-engaged, social justice work via an internship or a project of their own design. These funds will support undergraduate students majoring in one of Transform’s programs—students who might not be able to pursue their internship/project without this crucial financial support. The scholarship will aid the selected students to serve and gain valuable experience in the community.

    Students will be selected on the basis of their demonstrated commitment to community engagement, service, and social justice and on the project/ internship’s potential impact on the student’s learning and professional development.

    Students must either 1) provide evidence of participating in an internship that supports Transform’s mission while an undergraduate [or major if limited to the internship occurring while also being a Transform major]; or 2) have a Transform faculty mentor for the project. Students who are pursuing a minor or certificate, but not majoring in Transform MUST have a Transform faculty mentor for the project/internship.

    Priority will be given to students who are not receiving any other funding for their project/internship, but all applications will be considered.

    Apply her for the Transform Dolores Huerta Scholarship.