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Faculty in the School for Cultural and Social Transformation are leaders in research on ethnicity, race, gender, sexuality, disability, and Indigenous and Pacific Islander studies.

Undergraduate Research

  • The mission of the University of Utah Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR) is to facilitate and promote undergraduate student-faculty collaborative research and creative works in all disciplines throughout the University of Utah campus through equitable programming, diverse representation, and social justice. Visit the OUR website to learn about funding opportunities for students, faculty mentor support, and campus-wide opportunities.

  • Research, Scholarships, Travel & Small Grants and more with the Office of Undergraduate Research.

  • The Office of Undergraduate Research offers educational events on topics of interest to undergraduate student researchers and their faculty mentors. These events are open to all and are designed specifically with undergraduate students in mind.

  • The Undergraduate Research Scholar Designation (URSD) recognizes a student’s commitment to their development as a researcher during their undergraduate career. The URSD appears in the awards section of the transcripts of graduating students. URSD awardees receive a white research cord from the Office of Undergraduate Research to wear at convocation and commencement.

  • Search the database to find opportunities beyond the School for Cultural and Social Transformation.

Faculty Research

  • The Black Feminist Eco Lab brings together a community of intellectuals across race, gender, disciplines, and geographies who employ any number of Black feminist epistemologies to create a dynamic and cyclical ecology thriving on the change created within it.

  • One of the premier publications in the field of feminist and gender studies, Frontiers has distinguished itself for its diverse and decisively interdisciplinary publication agenda that explores the critical intersections among—to name a few dimensions—gender, race, sexuality, and transnationalism. Many landmark articles in the field have been published in Frontiers in its 40+ year history, thus critically shaping the fields of women’s, gender, and sexuality studies.

    The editorial leadership reflects its interdisciplinary home in the University of Utah’s School for Cultural and Social Transformation. As an editorial collective, we bring expertise in performance studies, theatre, education, policy, ethnic studies, indigenous studies, and gender studies. Building on our diverse strengths, we welcome feminist scholarly essays and creative works utilizing a multitude of methods, practices, discourses, and theories

  • Comprehensive educational opportunities and resources for University of Utah affiliates engaged in responsible conduct of research can be found on the Research Education (REd) website.

  • Visit the Vice President for Research’s Funding Resources page to learn more about internal funding programs, limited submissions, seed grants, equipment funding, and more.

  • Limited Submissions are extramural funding opportunities that limit the number of applications submitted per institution. The Limited Submissions page on the Vice President for Research’s website has a curated list of funding opportunities that are under review by the Limited Submissions committee.

  • The University of Utah Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations plays a major role in supporting the institution’s mission of teaching, research, and public service. Working closely with the various campus areas, the office helps initiate and cultivate relationships between the university and private organizations to support U programs.

  • Pivot is a research database available to all University of Utah faculty, staff and students through CIS.

  • Transform is partnering with the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences and the College of Humanities to offer you the services of the Office of Research Administration (ORA).

    ORA’s Grants & Contracts Manager and Officer are available to assist your application process and have developed a series of guidelines and templates — including research facilities resources and descriptions. They can also help you navigate the process of the

  • Cindy Brown
    Grants & Contracts Manager

    Christine Gore
    Grants & Contracts Officer


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