Love, U

Kathryn Bond Stockton in a blue suit in front of a Love, U background


Hi, I’m Dr. Kathryn Bond Stockton, Dean of the School for Cultural & Social Transformation, or as we call it, Transform. We’re already grateful for you. You are interested in us. You care about this still-young college that we’ve built to bring together Ethnic Studies, Gender Studies, and Disability Studies. And so unique are our efforts that we’ve been chosen by the Mellon Foundation to join only five universities in the country to help build a national network for Intersectional Studies.

What does this mean on the ground where we live? Everything, everyone is currently debating shifting sexualities, changing genders, dynamic immigrations, and emergent struggles against all racist and ableist beliefs. We teach with passion and cool examination. We are student-centered truly to our core.

So please, on this Giving Day, support our student scholarships. The Stockton Endowed Scholarship and the Dolores Huerta Scholarship. Help give our students the chance to shape us along with their own lives. Love, U.