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Pacific Islands Studies


this program

Pacific Islands Studies provides students with integrative learning, training and opportunities to engage with the Indigenous Pacific and the global Pacific Islander diaspora. As part of the Pacific Islands Studies Initiative, the undergraduate certificate, the Summer Bridge program, and the Pasifika Fellows and Ambassadors programs aim to help students grasp a more nuanced understanding of historical and contemporary concerns in Oceania as they relate to diasporic issues locally.

PI Studies

The Pacific Islands Studies Interdisciplinary Undergraduate Certificate provides courses that are designed from an Indigenous Pacific islander perspective. The certificate seeks to compliment any major and minor degrees and will help you fulfill general education requirements and prepare for any career!


Connect with the Pacific Islander community at the U! Whether you are joining as a Pasifika Scholar, Pasifika Ambassador, or enrolling in a Pacific Islands course, the University of Utah offers various opportunities to build skills while working with Pacific Islander professors, community leaders, advisors, and more!


For questions about Pacific Islands Studies, please contact

Maile Arvin
Pacific Islands Studies