2019 Awardees

the Block U installation on the University of Utah campus

Armando Solorzano

Distinguished Teaching Award

Associate Professor Armando Sol√≥rzano was selected as one of the recipients of the 2019 University of Utah Distinguished Teaching Award, which honors contributions to the U’s teaching mission and acknowledges outstanding teaching performance and innovative teaching methods. As one of the highest teaching honors presented at the University of Utah, we are proud to boast such a talented instructor!

Lisa Diamond

Distinguished Scholarly and Creative Research Award

Professor Lisa Diamond has been recognized as an awardee of the 2019 University of Utah Distinguished Scholarly and Creative Research Award. This award, presented by the Vice President for Research, acknowledges achievements in research by tenured faculty at the U and provides grants for research and creative pursuits. Diamond’s research focuses on the development of and influences from sexual identity and orientation on mental and physical health.

Sarah Projansky

University Professorship

Professor Sarah Projansky has been awarded a University Professorship for 2018 – 2020! Presented by the Office of Undergraduate Studies, this professorship “recognizes individuals who have demonstrated extraordinary skills in teaching, distinguished scholarship in their field, and an interdisciplinary approach to undergraduate instruction”. Through this professorship, Projansky’s course will explore celebrity culture and its impacts on identity and environments.

Kilo Zamora

Faculty Recognition Award

Instructor Kilo Zamora was presented the 2019 Career and Professional Development Center’s Faculty Recognition Award. As the Center’s name suggests, this award recognizes a University of Utah faculty member who has assisted a student in their career development or exploration. Known for his passion for social change and community organization, we can think of no better recipient!

Estefanie Aguilar Padilla

Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher Award

Estefanie Aguilar Padilla is graduating with two degrees – a Bachelor of Science in Economics and a Bachelor of Science in Ethnic Studies – and an Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher Award! As the awardee recipient for the School for Cultural and Social Transformation, Estefanie’s research focused on higher education in prison, which she intends to continue exploring through her Master of Statistics in Econometrics and a future Ph.D. program.

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