Student-2-Know: Sydney Kincart

Sydney Kincart

Political Science Major – Public Policy Emphasis

Disability Studies & Campaign Management Minors

Community Engagement Certificate

What is your most memorable experience in Transform?

My most memorable experience within transform was the moment I started connecting the disability studies scholars whom I read to citations in other works and on Twitter. It was a sort of an “aha moment” where I was finally able to see the real-world connection of my studies.

What was your favorite course/instructor that made the biggest impact on your academic career?

Within transform, I am taking Gender on the Hill. Through this class, I got to meet with state legislators about policies relating to gender Justice. Although it is a gender studies course, I loved the ways I was able to relate disability to our class topics. This course taught me how to navigate the state legislature and have me hands-on experience that will launch my career.

Why did you choose your degree program and what do you plan to do with it?

I found the disability studies Twitter community in high school and it transformed my thinking about disability. Because of relationships with disabled family and friends, I knew how important it was to advocate with the disability community. I’m pursuing a degree in political science and minor in disability studies because I want to pursue a career in disability policy and advocacy work. My minor in disability studies has challenged me to think critically about systems of power and given me a platform to start imagining how I can help create a more accessible world through policy.

Tell us what you found most engaging about Transform.

I love how personal it feels. Every professor I’ve had in Transform is not only knowledgeable and respected in their field, but they care about me. They are willing to help me with any of my pursuits and get to know me personally.

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